Metal processing

Comprehensive Sector Profile

The manufacturing of basic metals and fabricated metal goods has a long tradition in Croatia. Much of the basic metals industry is owned by state funds and banks, whereas private ownership dominates in the manufacture of fabricated metal products. Domestic companies' financial potential in this branch is limited, increased foreign investment of all types is both needed and expected.

There are four machine engineering and three electrical engineering faculties in Croatia which are (colleges) annually producing some 1.000 graduates in the fields of engineering and information technology. Supported by the technology centres of the engineering faculties at the Universities of Zagreb, Rijeka and Split, these experts have the opportunity to develop attractive, entrepreneurial focused manufacturing programmes.

The number of companies possessing ISO 9000 certificates is growing, which is one of the conditions for co-operation and export to industrially developed countries, and also for establishing subcontractor and strategic partnership, especially with domestic manufacturers of machines and equipment.

Companies, which produce machines, appliances and vehicles, actively participate every year in many specialized fairs within Zagreb Fair. The Croatian Chamber of Economics organises national joint attendance of their members on both domestic and international fairs depending on the interest of their members.

Prior to Croatian independence Zadar with it’s companies SAS and BAGAT stood out in this sector. These companies employed a large number of people and operated with customers from Germany to Russia.

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